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Deano probes myCOOLMAN’s all-new 30-litre fridge/freezer and Power Pack module:



We took to the hills with an all-new myCOOLMAN 30-litre fridge/freezer and myCOOLMAN Power Pack to see how well the combo works when you’re running low on electricity.

The 30-litre fridge/freezer has divided storage options with removable sections, Bluetooth connectivity, space for upright storage of bottles, a USB port and charger, mounted bottle opener, and is powered by a 12/24v DC compressor.

The Power Pack allows you to run your portable fridge freezer when it’s not connected to your vehicle’s battery system. It’s housed in a slimline body that has been deigned to magnetically attach to the side of the myCOOLMAN range of portable compressor fridges.

The Power Pack incorporates a 15Ah Lithium Ion battery that provides a 4°C fridge runtime of between eight and 18 hours at 25°C ambient temperature depending on fridge model and contents. The unit weighs in at 1.65kg and the battery is housed in a water resistant case rated to IP65. It’s covered by a one-year warranty.

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