Aston, a hidden Gem in Crudine

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Kick back, grab a cold one, have a good chat and enjoy the beauty of nature. That’s what camping is all about. There isn’t much that can beat that feeling, especially when the weather is, finally, good to us for the first time in a long time! 

A perfect place for you to get some rest and relaxation. 

Aston is a private campsite located along the peaceful green banks of Crudine River. Your hosts, Steve and Sue do a great job to make you feel welcome and are always up for a chat. 

As you come off the main road, pass their home and drive through the back gate, you are quickly emersed in a land that takes you well away from the rest of the world. You’ll need low range to access this gem as the decent is fairly steep. 

Once you’ve passed the water bars and are at the bottom of the hill, you are greeted by Aston’s first campsite, their camp kitchen site. This site isn’t right on the river, but it’s close enough and has everything you’ll need for your weekend getaway, including a fire place insidea bench to prepare food, table & chairs, even a few items in pantry just in case you forget something. It also has a sink, and water available for washing, and, of course, a long drop toilet. All you really need is the tent! 

Can’t get much closer to the river!

As you venture further in and weave your way through the, greenery, trees and rock gardens, you make your way to Aston’s second campsite. This one is located right on the river with awesome river views and frontage. Yet, it is far enough away from the camp kitchen site to be well on your own, unheard and unseen. The only trade-off for this great secluded spot, though, is that it is a self-contained site, which may make you lean towards the camp kitchen site if you’d rather have a bit more. 

There is plenty of room to explore along the river and cool off on hot Summer days, perfect for the kids.

Not too far away from Aston, you can step back in time and take a visit to the historic gold mining town, Hill End. Here you can learn about the town’s history and grab a bite to eat at the local café.

Hill End, NSW

On the southern side of Hill End, you have The Bridle Track, an unsealed road with some breathtaking scenery that winds its way down to the Turon River and offers some great camping spots.

Some of the views you'll see along The Bridle Track.

Aston, being tucked away, quiet and still relatively close to places to visit, or even as your first night stay before you take on The Bridle Track, is definitely worth adding to your list of places to check out!

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