Simon Christie's Camping Essentials

Story by: Simon Christie- 4WD TV

There’s nothing quite like camping...Time away with family and friends, enjoying nature and taking a well earned break. Living a stress free simpler existence with wonderful scenery, fresh air and possibly a little adventure. You don’t expect all the luxury of home but there are a few things that can really make a difference.

First is a reliable and capable vehicle to get you to that dream camping spot far away from everything else. Second is your bed, somewhere warm and comfortable to sleep at night. Of course, third is food. From a quality fridge to easy to use cooking gear, eating well is one of the best activities when out camping. There are plenty of easy to prepare and tasty meals available.

Bring all of these together and you are well on your way to a successful camping trip. But trust me, leave the stress of the city far behind you, soak up the great outdoors and thoroughly make the most of every moment you have out there. When you get back to work you are sure to miss it all dearly.

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