Eater camping stay-cation?

Written by: explore_down_under

Anyone who loves the outdoors, usually loves camping, and with the weather finally starting to lighten up on us, who wasn’t keen to finally get back out there and enjoy the great outdoors again?

From fires to floods, it looks like 2020 has thrown Australia, and this time the world, yet another curveball. With camping grounds and caravan parks now being closed in some parts of Australia for the foreseeable future, it leaves some of us with a gaping hole in the outdoor fix department. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get outdoors at all or prepare for our next trip.

Here’s a list of things you can do at home to bring some of the camping, that we dearly enjoy, back into our lives, while we wait for the Rona to eventually bid us a pleasant and welcomed farewell.

1. Have a taste of the camping lifestyle

If you’ve never been camping before, and are wanting to try it out, this would be a perfect opportunity. With the comfort of your own home meters away, you can always tap out if you find that camping just isn’t your thing.

2. Test out your new gear

Try out any gear you have acquired. Having to work out how to use camping gear for the first time when you’re out bush can be a little frustrating, especially when it doesn’t go to plan! Take the time now to be familiar with your gear and all the features, that way you don’t waste time working out how to set it up or use it on your next trip, and you can spend more time doing what you really want.

3. Create an obstacle course

Who is the fastest? This one is particularly good if you have kids. Being confined to your living space, and not being able to move around as much as normal, makes it hard to be physically active. And if you have kids, they can be a real handful with all this energy cooped up inside, with no outlet. An obstacle course is a great way to change things up a bit and keep active. Plus, kids love building them once they are given a few ideas.

4. Make an indoor camping environment

Set up your camping gear inside. Even get your fridge out. When you’re camping, who doesn’t like to have easy access to a fresh cold one right next to them? Or if you live in a small space, make a tepee or the old classic pillow and blanket fort. Sleep on the floor with your camping mattress and sleeping bag.

5. Make a makeshift campfire

Time to go into the recycling and pull any bits and pieces that you will find useful. If you have paints, you could even add some colour to make it look more realistic. This could be a great project if you have kids.

The ideas are endless.... build and/or fly a kite, create a ninja warrior obstacle course, make a homemade bird feeder, make a homemade tipi for your pet, roast marshmallows, create a mini-golf course into cups, hold backyard Olympics, see who can identify the most wildlife, whatever you are doing to stay occupied this Easter make sure you enjoy it! 

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