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Written by: Daniel McKay- Explore Down Under

Open campsites, with pristine panoramic lake views with stunning hills as a backdrop, good people for company and, best if all, no phone reception. Sounds like a great formula for a weekend getaway, right? This gem did not disappoint!

Lake St Clair can be found approx. 3-hour’s drive north from the northern suburbs of Sydney and about 30mins north of Singleton.

After finding a spot to grab a bite for dinner in Singleton, we made the final leg of the journey. It’s a pleasant drive, with the road taking us over and around the hills that surround the lake to our campsite. When we got there, in the dark as usual, we tried to find the rest of our group, who had arrived earlier that afternoon.

It was a great idea to have dinner along the way, saving us having to unpack all our gear, and let us focus on just setting up the tent and gazebo, followed by the fire. Once we had that going, it was time to pull out the chairs, kick back and properly catch up with everyone will sinking down a few cold ones. A great start to the weekend!

The morning brought us moderate winds and some rain. It was nice to just relax and take in the sounds, all from the warmth of our sleeping bag. Fortunately, the rain heard our hopes and disappeared by breakfast time. Time for chorizos!... or so I thought. Turns out, I forgot to pack them! So, it was back to some egg and bacon muffins. Sometimes, simple is just what is needed.

While eating and warming up by the fire, we found that a few of us needed some more supplies. So, with no specific plans, we decided to head back into town. Perfect opportunity to get the chorizos I was keen for.

Once back at camp, we paid for our stay at the office, then it was time to relax and try our first attempt at making choc chip damper. Other than the persisting wind, it was the perfect day for it. The sun shimmering strongly on the water blown surface of the lake.

With the sun falling behind the opposing mountain, giving us a fading pastel sky sunset, we started to prepare for dinner. The menu: coal cooked butter chicken with home made slaw and jacket potato. Delicious! Aimee had cooked herself and her husband, Jacko, a pork belly which popped and crackled in their camp oven over the coals.

After dinner, we stayed round the roaring fire, talk about future trips, modifications, and camping and 4WD gear we wish to purchase in the near future. But, with the wind increasing as the night got older, we decided to call it earlier than usual.

We got a pleasant greeting from the weather the following morning, with the wind having died down to a pleasant gentle breeze and not a single cloud in sight. We enjoyed this change of weather by the fire while enjoying some freshly cooked chorizo, egg and tomato with beans (finally!).

What a view to wake up to!

With the weather turning it on and us wanting to soak up every moment of it before our departure, we took our time to pack up. Eventually, it was time to part ways and bid the group goodbye, but only until next time!

We love having new people come on out trips! We do monthly trips so make sure you check out the Explore Down Under Community group page, on Facebook, for all upcoming trips!

Next trip is to Aurora View near Hampton, 21st-23rd August!

- Daniel

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