Golden Snapper Country

Content by: Alex Julius- NAFA

This was golden snapper country and soon a couple of big ones came aboard on bait.

NAFA’s Crystal Neal – a top barra angler – had not done much bluewater fishing. I set her up with up a nice jig outfit and a shad-style soft plastic on a one ounce ball sinker and Mustad worm hook.

Pictured above: Crystal Neal’s terrific golden snapper was jigged up on a shad-style soft plastic.

Everyone using bait was catching fish, while Crystal was having no joy. In between taking photos of bent rods, I spied her racking her jig rod and selecting one of the boat’s bait-fishing outfits.

“You giving up on the jigging already?” I asked.

“It’s not working,” she replied.

“Crystal, sometimes these things work better than bait; let me show you the technique,” I insisted.

I dropped the softie to the bottom and “jerked” it up in three continuous rips before dropping the rod and letting the lure plummet back to the bottom.

“See, that’s one good way to work it,” I said, hardly getting the words out before the softie was walloped and a good fish was banging at the other end.

I thrust the rod into her hands and, unable to help myself, laughed and said: “There you go, pull that sucker in.” And shortly thereafter, in came a 4kg golden snapper… and one happy angler was converted.

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