Hutt Lagoon - The Pink Lake

Hutt Lagoon (Pink Lake),  Port Gregory, Western Australia






The west coast of Australia is known for its rugged coastline and epic surf spots, but there’s so much more to it than just stunning beaches...

A prime example is the incredible eye-popping phenomenon that is Hutt Lagoon. Less than 100kms north of Geraldton (515kms north of Perth), it’s one of the most vibrant and colourful displays of nature we have ever seen. 

The pink colour is produced by the presence of the carotenoid-producing algae Dunaliella Salina and depending on the conditions and the time of year, the lake can vary from a bright fuchsia, to red, a soft baby pink or even lilac. 

Not only is Hutt Lagoon an unusual colour, it’s also HUGE! 

Roughly 14kms long and in places up to 2.3kms wide, the first time you glimpse it out the window will earn a double-take for sure. With the town of Port Gregory right by its edge, this is an absolutely stunning spot to pull up for lunch on your way up or down the coast. 

Hot Tip: Make sure you check out the beach at Port Gregory while you’re there, it’s a cracker of a spot for a swim!

To catch the Pink Lake at its “pinkest” we recommend arriving between 10am - 2pm as the sun will be higher in the sky. Although the colours are less vibrant, we also found that sunrise was a great time to visit as it’s generally much less windy and you might just get the place to yourself. Sunset is also supposed to be beautiful. 

If you’re thinking about visiting Hutt Lagoon and want to get an idea of how pink the water is, we recommend checking the Instagram hashtag #HuttLagoon for some of the most recent snaps. 

Regardless of when you visit (or if you’re usually a fan of pink), this is one stop on your travels you won’t regret taking!

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