Is myCOOLMAN a Chest Freezer?

Sure, myCOOLMAN fridges/freezers are designed for the great Aussie outdoors, but why should that stop them making their way indoors.

All myCOOLMAN fridge/freezers can be run either off 240v or 12v making it super easy to move from the car into home, garage or patio!

Keep reading to see how two proud myCOOLMAN owners are utilising their myCOOLMAN's during these uncertain times as additional cold storage! 

What myCOOLMAN product do you have?

Damion Cooke:  Single Zone – 105L

Deb Jones: Dual Zone – 85L

How many in your household are you currently feeding?

Damion Cooke:  There are 4 in the household – 2 kids & 2 Adults

Deb Jones: 3 Adults & 2 ‘fluffbutts’ (dogs)

Image Above: Damion Cooke's daughter sneaking in for a Zooper Dooper!

How easy has your myCOOLMAN been to use as additional cold storage?

Damion Cooke:  The myCOOLMAN 105L is extremely easy to use as an extra freezer it’s actually easier to use than our old chest freezer. It is not as deep, so you don’t have to dig, you can also change the temperature and check the temperature easily.

Deb Jones: After using our myCOOLMAN as a second fridge on our trip to Mount Isa over Christmas. We came home sold our large second fridge and now use it as a fridge/freezer and it is the perfect size

Where is your myCOOLMAN being stored at the moment while being used as cold storage?

Damion Cooke:  We’re storing the myCOOLMAN fridge just in the dining room where it’s small enough to be out the way and still accessible.

Deb Jones: It is currently in the garage where our old fridge used to be.

Image Above: Deb Jones fridge/freezer in the garage.

Are you using it as a fridge/freezer or both?

Damion Cooke:  We’re using it as one massive freezer

Deb Jones: We are running both zones independently, one as a fridge and the other as a freezer.

What type of foods are you using it to store?

Damion Cooke:  We use it for storing soups, frozen veggies and you can’t forget about Zooper Doopers for the kids!

Image Above: Damion Cooke storing soups, vegies and Zooper Doopers!

Deb Jones: The fridge side has the most important job of all… storing beer! At the moment anyway but we also have extra items such as milk, soft drinks and fruit in there. The freezer side has some extra meat, ice and dog food as my 2 fluffbutts are on a raw diet.

Image Above: Deb Jones - Beer?? CHECK! 

How did it stand out from other brands on the market?

Damion Cooke:  I had RidgeRyder 61L which used to stop working once the outside temperature went above 27c and it was extremely noisy also used a lot of power to run.

Deb Jones: Functionality of the fridge and we were after a fridge/freezer that would fit under the tonneau cover of our car.

Do you love their versatility? Why?

Damion Cooke:  We absolutely love how versatile the myCOOLMAN fridge/freezer is. Within minutes it can be back in the back of the car as fridge ready for our next adventure and its super easy to use with the app, we use it to change settings and check the temperature on the move.

Deb Jones: myCOOLMAN fridges are so functional you can have 2 fridge sections, 2 freezer sections or 1 section of each. Our trip away we used fridge and freezer function. Upon lightening the load we then switched over to 2 fridge sections. The fact that you can select which side you want a fridge or freezer makes it so versatile. Some camping trips we have just had it set up as 2 fridges.


Image Above: Deb Jones, all packed for the Mt Isa trip in the back of the ute.

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