Kalbarri- Western Australia

Talk about a small town with a lot going on. 6 hours from Perth by car, this seaside detour perfectly captures the colours and spirit of Western Australia. 

The township of Kalbarri is encircled by two distinctly different landscapes; 

Inland you’ll find river gorges and rock formations hundreds of millions of years old, whereas the southern coast features spectacular cliffs and dozens of beaches. 

Here’s a few of our top picks things of things to do and see:

Red Bluff Beach


Situated right on the edge of town and National Park, Red Bluff is the perfect choice if you want to pull up and hang by the beach for the day. With amazing views over the Indian Ocean, you can swim, fish, or even surf to your heart's content. There’s also a trail along the beach leading up to the Red Bluff Lookout, the highest elevation of the National Park Cliffs with 100m of soaring cliff face. 

Natures Window and The Loop Hike

One of WA’s most iconic attractions, Nature’s Window rock formation is a must-see when visiting Kalbarris wild inland National Park. It’s a 1km return hike to the Window along a picturesque trail, but those seeking a bit of a challenge should consider tackling the 9km Loop Hike. The trail can be rough at times and very hot*, but it’s the best way to experience this ancient and dramatic landscape. 

*When we say hot, we mean hot. Temperatures in the gorges can be 10 degrees higher than in town, so take plenty of water and if tackling the Loop Hike, be sure to start the trek before 7am.

Pot Alley

A personal favourite of ours, you’ll find this cove tucked away in the coastal National Park. Named after the many lobster pots that get lost to it’s hazardous waters, it features stunning cliff top views that are great for whale watching. Be sure to take the winding, rocky trail down to the beach and revel in having such a stunning gem all to yourselves. 

A Water-Lovers Dream

Water babies will feel right at home here.

If surfing is your thing, check out the famous left-hand break at Jakes Point. It’s a wave suited to the more experienced surfer, but even if your skills aren’t up to scratch there’s still a lot of fun to be had watching from a patch on the sand.


More into stand-up paddle boarding, fishing or just a good old swim? 

Chinamans Beach and the Murchison River offer calmer water options. 


Whatever your preference, whether it’s bright blue water or rusty red rocks, this little town really has something for everyone. 

Pop it on your travel bucket list, this is one detour you’re want to miss.


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