Meeting Glenn Marshall

Hi myCOOLMAN family, I’m Glenn Marshall, freelance travel writer, photographer and adventurer. My passion is exploring the remotest parts of Australia solo and love nothing more than packing my 4WD and hitting the tracks. I’ve been travelling since 1975 when my parents took us kids around Australia in an EJ Holden and I haven’t looked back since. My current 4WD is a 120 Series Prado set up for long-range touring and the myCOOLMAN 44L “Weekender” fridge suits my needs and limited space perfectly.

We are spoilt in this great country of ours with so much diversity when it comes to option for adventure travel. Whether exploring the High Country, desert country or the coast, Australia has it all. As much as I’ve seen on my adventures, I never lose the thirst for getting out there and seeing something new, you never know what stunning scenery you might find around that next corner. It’s so exciting planning an adventure and getting out there and doing it for a job it's what I was born to do: live the dream and share the experience.

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