Pure Paradise

This slice of perfection has got to be one of our favourite 2WD camping spots in the WHOLE country. (Well, so far anyway…)

Located around 90 minutes south of Adelaide on the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula, Rapid Bay is a calm haven of sandy beach and aqua-blue water, surrounded by towering cliffs. 

It also happens to offer EPIC beachfront camping at a very decent price ($9 pp a night for adults). And when we say beachfront, we really mean beachfront. 

We couldn’t get enough of making dinner to the sounds of the ocean, or curling up in a camp chair, book in hand and a beautiful beach vista at our feet as we sipped our morning coffee. 

But if having a lie around isn’t really your thing, don’t stress - 

There is plenty to see and explore without needing to jump back in the car. 

Walking up the far end of the beach will lead you to a large cave in the cliff. Bring a torch or your phone with you and enjoy having a poke around. It’s also a pretty sweet spot to watch the sunset from. 

If you own a kayak or SUP, you’re in for a treat. Jump in and continue paddling past the cave mentioned above and you'll find a selection of mini private beaches and smaller caves hidden in the cliffs, just waiting to be explored. 

Just be sure to watch the tides, you don’t want to get caught in a tight spot!

For those who enjoy fishing, Rapid Bay is also a great spot to wet a line and catch some dinner. Take your choice between setting up at the jetty, or fish straight off the beach. We caught a beautiful Australian salmon a few metres from our van one evening and had it plated up with some salad and a lemon wedge within the hour. Not a bad way to end the day!

Snorkelers and divers should also check out the old jetty as it’s a hotspot for marine life, including the endangered leafy sea dragon.


Overall, this is one of the best spots we’ve come across in our travels. It really has the perfect mix of everything you could want for a relaxing (but not too relaxing) week away. But we’ll let you get out there and decide for yourself. Enjoy! 


There isn’t any plug-in power or potable water available, so be prepared. There are however, good sized public toilets, cold water outdoor showers, picnic shelters and pretty decent phone reception. Sorry, no campfires allowed folks! 

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