Tassie Adventures- Gordon Dam

Small-but-mighty Tasmania sure packs a punch when it comes to epic sights, both natural and man-made, and one day trip that is absolutely not to be missed is a visit to spectacular Gordon Dam. 

Located around 2 ½ hours drive from Hobart, buried deep in Tassies southwest wilderness, this adventure is just as much about the journey as it is the destination. 

With one road in and one road out (The Gordon River Road), you’ve got little chance of getting lost. The drive is one of the prettiest in the state and takes you through the protected Tasmanian World Heritage Area and the Franklin-Gordon National Park. Ringed by mountain ranges, the landscape is the definition of “rugged beauty”, so be prepared to pull over every so often to simply take in the wonders of nature around you. 

Once you’ve oohed and ahhed to your heart's content, you’ll finally arrive at the star attraction: Gordon Dam itself. Standing at 140 meters tall and holding more than 30 times the water of Sydney Harbour, this feat of engineering is eye-popping and jaw-dropping in all the best ways. Be sure to descend the steel mesh stairs so you can wander along the top of the dam wall and if your nerves allow, take a peek over the edge for a vertigo-inducing view of the ground far, far below. 

You’ll also pass a number of trails heads on your drive to and from the dam. If you’re looking to scout out the awesome scenery a bit further, we’d recommend a great walk that goes by “The Needles”. 

You can find the trailhead directly opposite the car park signposted as the “Highest Point on Gordon River” road sign. 

It’s 3km return taking approximately 2 hours to complete, so be prepared for a short but hardy hike. You’ll find your tired legs are more than worth it for the incredible panoramic views once you reach the top. 

What to bring on your day trip: 

This is Tassie, so dress for all possible weather conditions as you never know what you might get. A raincoat and sturdy shoes with good grip are a must. And don’t forget the camera of course. 

Happy trails explorers!

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