Ten Days Exploring the Deserts of Victoria

Written by: Simon Christie from 4WD TV

The final five episodes of YOUR4X4 for 2019 will feature my ten-day trip exploring the deserts of Victoria and the adjoining rugged Border Track. It was an arduous trip with challenging dunes, incredibly rough trails and icy cold nights but salvation came (as it typically does on these trips) in the form of a relentless barrage of culinary delights and comfort foods.

We met up with friends for a convoy of nine vehicles and 15 people in Hopetoun before cutting west across Lake Albacutya (literally as it is in drought) and into the Big Desert. From there we wound our way northwards, through the big dunes below Murrayville and further up to the Mopoke Hut within the Murray Sunset National Park. From there we trekked westwards until we hit the border and turned left onto the infamous Border Track, a relenting, slow and undulating sandy trail that follows the SA/Vic border southwards.

Progress is slow, the tracks are rough and sections of the trail are single lane and one way only. But the scenery, sunsets, wildlife and tough sand dunes ensure it is a memorable and eventful journey.

We followed the border as closely as possible and as far as the coast, spending two nights near the beachside town of Nelson. A scenic cruise along the Glenelg River took us to the Princess Margaret Rose Caves and the final day found us just west of Portland exploring Bridgewater Bay and a series of hidden caves I know. YOUR4X4 airs on 7Mate, Saturdays at 11am. Check your local guide for details.

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