Weekend Escape

Trips away for me aren’t always about the next big adventure and filming. Sometimes it’s just nice to head out with friends, have a play on some tracks and enjoy some delicious food.


One particular getaway that fits this category was a day trip over summer up to the Tallarook State Forest in central Victoria and across to the Goulburn River near Molesworth. The Tallarook State Forest lies just east of the Hume Highway and just shy of 100km north of Melbourne. It’s a well-forested area with numerous 4wd tracks, camp sites and bush walking opportunities. It’s the perfect destination for a day trip or weekend away with mates. Plus it was the ideal place to test my new truck on some more challenging tracks.


The Goulburn river in this region stretches westwards from Lake Eildon before winding north on it’s journey past Nagambie. It’s a reasonable size river with generous fishing opportunities. But whether you like to fish or not, the river makes the perfect back-drop for a relaxing break and a bite to eat.

There are State Forests, National Parks and Rivers just like these all over the country and they are safe and easy to access. Next time you’ve got a spare weekend how about grabbing a map and heading out yourself. You never know what you may find.

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