Who is Simon Christie from 4WD TV?

Written by: Simon Christie from 4WD TV

Hi Everyone, I’m Simon Christie, owner and host of 4wd TV and a mad passionate 4wdriver and out-door nut. For over a decade and a half, I have been working on my dream job, travelling all over Australia and the rest of the world in search of the best off-road adventures and sharing them all through my TV shows and online portals. It’s been an incredible journey. I’ve met some amazing characters, seen some stunning places and driven on some of the most remote and toughest tracks.

One thing I have learnt in all my years of travel is that you can never see it all. There’s always another adventure on the horizon, another challenge just over that hill and another surprise just around the corner. Sitting at home and dreaming about the great beyond is not going to get you anywhere. I want to engage, educate and inspire you and that is what motivates me to share what I do. It’s a passion built on my dreams and fuelled by my insatiable desire to explore and discover.

Adventure may not be for everyone but living life is. So no matter what it takes, whether you own a 4x4 or not, try to live life to it’s fullest, get out and explore, and discover more about this amazing world we live in.

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