Power Pack Specs

Physical Details Specs
Dimensions (mm) L 330 x W 1401 x H 36.5
Weight (kg) 1.65
LED Battery Capacity Indicator Yes
Technical Details
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Charging Power 50w
Charging time 0-100% 5-6 Hours
Capacity 15Ah
Input 16.8v /3A
Battery Output Voltage 14.8v
Battery Output Current 8A
Safety Guards - Short Circuiting Protection
- Over Current Protection
- Over Charging Protection
- Over Discharge Protection
- Over Heat Protection
Average Run Time on myCOOLMAN fridges (hrs)
30L - The Transporter 18*
36L - The Compact Model 16*
44L - The Weekender 16*
60L - The All Rounder 15*
69L - The Traveller 15**
73L - The Party Fidge 13*
85L - The Adventurer 10**
96L - The Ultimate Fridge 10**
105L - The Fisherman 10*
Warranty 1 year
*Ambient tempreture 25ᵒC & Fridge set to 4ᵒC
Run time data start to record once fridge temperature reached to target 4ᵒC
10 bottles of 550ml ambient inside of the fridge(Dual zone models put 10 bottles in each compartment - total 20 bottles).